How to manage a Raspberry Pi cluster with Ansible

Quick guide to install Ansible on a Raspberry Pi and manage other Pi’s remotely. All you need…. Ansible [ ] - we install the free version PuttY or similar [ ] Raspbian Buster Lite [ version August 20th 2020 ] [ .zip ] [ ] Step 1 Install Ansible on the Master Node and add Ansible under Debian to PPA [Personal Package Archive]. cd /etc/apt sudo nano sources

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Setup ThinLinx on a Pi 4 incl. VMware and Headset

Setting up ThinLinx on Raspberry Pi incl. VMware and Headset usage It is quite a straight forward process under windows. However, using the Pi 4 [ 2 GB Memory / 32GB SD Card ] with a headset and e.g. video conference software through VMware needs a few adjustments and the right headset. What you need: PuTTY [ ] ThinLinx - Installer for Pi [ ] ThinLinX Management Software (TMS) [ www.

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Setup SSH key in PuTTY / PuTTYgen

To generate an SSH key with PuTTY / PuTTYgen, follow the steps: What you need: PuTTY or similar [ ] Step 1 Open the PuTTYgen program. [ Start -> Search -> PuTTYgen ] Step 2 For type of key to generate, select SSH-2 RSA. [ Menu -> Key -> SSH-2 RSA key ] Step 3 Click the Generate button and move your mouse in the area below the progress bar.

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Markdown Cheat Sheet

Markdown Cheat Sheet [HUGO] Basic Formatting Headings # largest heading ## Second largest heading ###### Smallest heading Styling text Bold **This is bold text** Italic *This is italic text* Strikeout ~~Strikeout text~~ Bold and nested italic **This text is _partly_ italic** All bold and italic ***This text is extremely important*** Links Link [ ] Link [[ ]] ( Quoting Quote within a text Quote `within` a text

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Setup .git on Windows 10 and connect remotely to [GitHub]

Quick guide to roll a git [–version-control] on windows 10 and connect remote All you need…. git [ ] notepad ++ or similar [ ] GitHub account or similar [ ] Step 1 Download git and install [leave everything as is, but install notepad++ or similar to use as code editor, unless you like to use vim]. Sign up for GitHub and create a repository.

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How to setup Raspberry PI 4 in Kiosk Mode

Setting up Raspberry Pi 4 in kiosk mode is pretty straight forward. This setup has also been tested with a touch screen. We will use raspbian buster full [version sep. 2019], openbox, etcher and chromium with on screen keyboard. You could use “fullpage OS”, however this might be another post for the future. Fullpage OS is in my opinion more suitable for displaying dashboards or websites without keyboard interaction… Following what you need: