Setup SSH key in PuTTY / PuTTYgen

To generate an SSH key with PuTTY / PuTTYgen, follow the steps:

What you need:

Step 1
Open the PuTTYgen program.
[ Start -> Search -> PuTTYgen ]

Step 2
For type of key to generate, select SSH-2 RSA.
[ Menu -> Key -> SSH-2 RSA key ]

Step 3
Click the Generate button and move your mouse in the area below the progress bar. When the progress bar is full, PuTTYgen generates your key pair.

Step 4
Type a password in the [ Key passphrase ] field. Type the same password in the [ Confirm passphrase ] field. You can use a key without a passphrase, well definitely not recommended.

Step 5
[ Parameters -> “Type of key to generate” -> RSA ]

Step 6
Click the [ Save private key ] button to save the private key. You must save the private key. You will need it to connect to your PC/Server/Pi.

Step 7
Right-click in the text field labeled [ Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file ] and choose [ Select All ].

Step 8
Right-click again in the same text field and choose [ Copy ].

Step 9
Create a new text file [ex. SSHkey.txt] and paste the information into that text file.

Step 10
Rename the file to PPK extension [ex. SSHkey.PPK] Note: this is file you will upload to the device you like to have access to.